Behind the Scenes: Exclusive Interview with Manu P on ‘Estate Sempre’ and its Creative Process

Talented DJ/Producer Manu P joins us in an exclusive behind the scenes interview about his latest release ‘Estate Sempre’. Hailing from Italy, Manu P is renowned for his signature sound that seamlessly fuses House and Tech House. As the curator of the compilation, “Estate Sempre,” he offers insights into his selection criteria, collaboration with fellow artist Andrea Rubolini on the track ‘Pied Piper’, and the vision behind the diverse yet cohesive collection of tracks. Join us as we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and standout moments that contributed to the making of this unmissable compilation. 

Hi Manu! How are you doing? and congratulations on your latest release! 

Hi, everything is well, thank you very much. 

Can you take us behind the scenes of the creation of ‘Estate Sempre’? How did the idea for this compilation come about? 

The idea was to create something easily recognizable and distinguishable among the multitude of tracks that are being released. So, we included a flute that became a focal point of the track and could potentially go viral. 

As the curator of ‘Estate Sempre’, how did you select the tracks that made it onto the compilation? What criteria did you use in the selection process? 

First of all, I included people close to me and from my region because I believe that if someone had helped me years ago, I would have appreciated it. I also selected some tracks from external artists who sent me music as demos. 

Could you tell us about your collaboration with Andrea Rubolini on the track “Pied Piper”? How did that partnership come about, and what was the production process like? 

Andrea and I are friends and we’ve been DJs and producers for a lifetime, so we decided to create a track that could potentially go viral. As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to maintain our House/Tech House sound while including an element of virality. 

What inspired the sound and vibe of “Pied Piper”? Were there any specific influences or musical elements you wanted to incorporate? 

The aim was to create a compilation with summer tracks that could be used during the summer season. And I believe I’ve succeeded in that. 

‘Estate Sempre’ features a diverse range of genres and artists. How did you ensure a cohesive flow throughout the compilation while still showcasing different styles? 

As I mentioned, I tried to create something that also represents what I play during my DJ sets. In general, I’m a Tech House DJ, but I don’t mind including House or Techno tracks. This is also the essence of the various artists compilation. 

Were there any challenges or surprises that arose during the process of getting ‘Estate Sempre’ out? How did you overcome them? 

I wanted to reach the top 10 with all the artists for the album, and we achieved that on Traxsource. I always set goals for myself, and they should ALWAYS be achieved. 

Can you share any memorable moments or experiences while working on the compilation? Any standout tracks or artists that made an impression on you? 

There isn’t a specific moment. I was convinced all the artists could contribute, and it turned out to be true. I’m very happy with how the compilation performed. 

With the summer season in mind, did you have a particular vision or atmosphere you wanted to create with ‘Estate Sempre’? How did you translate that into the track selection and sequencing? 

I wanted to create a compilation with summer tracks that could be used during the summer season. And I believe I’ve succeeded in that. 

Looking back at the completed ‘Estate Sempre’, what are you most proud of? How do you hope listeners will connect with the compilation and your track “Pied Piper”? 

I’m very happy with how ‘Estate Sempre’ turned out, and I hope people will remember “Pied Piper” for the video reel presentation I made, hahahahahaha. 

We wrap up this interview and we thank Manu P for sharing his time and some insights on his creative journey curating this compilation, as well as, and working on his collaboration with Andrea Rubolini. Through this compilation, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a unique listening experience that highlights each artists’ sound and style. 

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