Bespoke Musik drop their first compilation V.A “Bespoke Music Volume One”

Out now across all streaming platforms


Bespoke Musik, the brainchild of Rocky Ramniceanu and Rami Abousabe of Bedouin, sprang to life in 2012, driven by a relentless passion for curating experiences that fuse the elegance of melodic, deep, groovy electronic music. Over the course of more than a decade of shaping the musical landscape in New York through unforgettable events, the label has carved a distinctive niche in the industry as a home for quality, thoughtful, accessible dance music. Today, they announce the thrilling launch of their record label and a debut release set to hit the scene on October 27th.

In their quest to soar to greater heights, Bespoke Musik enlisted the unparalleled talents of Bedouin, kickstarting the ascension that has since become synonymous with the brand. Christian Voldstad, who joined the Bespoke Musik family as a resident DJ, not only left an indelible mark as a DJ and producer but has also embraced the role of label manager for the groundbreaking new venture. Along with Jason Baez, founder of Mind Alike Records and Matt Caines, founder of Art With Me Festival, and Bespoke founder Rocky, the label will be curated to exist as a home for intricate, beautiful dance music with no labels or genre classes.

For the inaugural release, Bespoke Musik has assembled a dynamic ensemble of cherished artists and friends, poised to showcase the kaleidoscope of sounds that define their unique identity. With a lineup that includes the likes of Francesca Lombardo, Powel, Death on the Balcony, and Wild Dark, Bespoke Musik Volume One promises to be an auditory journey like no other, a testament to the label’s unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

The Bespoke Musik journey with Francesca Lombardo began in the flicker of candlelight within a Brooklyn warehouse back in 2013. What blossomed from that serendipitous encounter was not just a remarkable artist but a dear friend. Having her on board for the label’s maiden release is both an honor and a heartwarming reunion, marking her as an integral part of the Bespoke Musik family.

In 2017, Bespoke Musik warmly welcomed Death on the Balcony when they collaborated with their friends at Blind Colors. Not only does their music resonate deeply with the Bespoke Musik ethos, but the duo’s remarkable personalities mirror the warmth and authenticity the label champions.

Powel, a name that graced the Bespoke Musik stage in 2014, unknowingly marked a significant milestone in his career with his first booking outside of his native Germany. His sonic tapestries align seamlessly with the heart and soul of Bespoke Musik, and his creative partnership with Christian Voldstad, cultivated through shared performances, promises exciting prospects. Powel‘s gift to the label, the enchanting track “Pirx“, is a true gem, and his presence on the debut release with this endlessly layered groover is a joy to behold.

Wild Dark, a fixture within the Bespoke Musik community from the very beginning, have been instrumental in the brand’s growth. With releases on prominent labels such as Anjunadeep, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Truecolors, and Supernature, Corey and Ryan have seamlessly blended their musical prowess with the label’s core philosophy. As cherished members of the Bespoke Musik family, their contribution to the debut release is a testament to their enduring legacy and unceasing creativity.