Blyer presents his new ep “Hope” on Subtec

Blyer marks his triumphant return to his label with the exhilarating “Hope EP,” set to release under subtec on February 16th, 2024. After a year-long hiatus, Blyer unveils a high-energy, yet melodically rich 4-track collection.

Titled “Hope,” the EP is a carefully curated selection from the prolific artist’s 2023 archive, representing a year’s worth of meticulous work. The sonic journey begins with the title track, “Hope,” an original mix that sets the tone for the EP’s dynamic atmosphere.

Following is “Nexus,” a pulsating composition, seamlessly transitioning into the hypnotic allure of “Diva.” The EP concludes with “Electric Echo,” a powerful finale showcasing Blyer’s masterful production. Brace yourself for a sonic voyage as Blyer unfolds his musical prowess with “Hope EP.”