Bottomless: Woktrax’s Latest Offering [Dark Distorted Signals]

Bottomless: Woktrax's Latest Offering [Dark Distorted Signals]

Raw techno terror has made a resounding entrance with “Bottomless,” the newest creation by Woktrax! With 7 full tracks, this masterpiece not only continues Woktrax’s signature “WOK” style but also surprises with great variation.

Woktrax, the renowned Belgian artist, delivers a monumental musical experience. Each track is a journey in itself, and it can be enjoyed from start to finish. “Bottomless” is not just for listening; it’s to be felt and enjoyed at full volume!

This isn’t Woktrax’s first foray into the world of electronic music. With three previous releases on Willem Voet’s label, Dark Distorted Signals, this latest album adds to his growing repertoire of impressive productions.

Prepare to immerse yourself in Woktrax’s musical mind with “Bottomless,” a sonic experience that promises to challenge your senses and take you on an unforgettable journey through raw and distorted techno!