Canguru: Blending Classical Roots with Modern Electronic Sounds

Colin Crichton, known by his stage name Canguru, has emerged as a multifaceted Artist whose journey from Classical Music to the Electronic Music scene is as dynamic as his sound. With roots in Classical Music from Belgium and an eclectic influence from Manchester’s vibrant music scene, Canguru’s work embodies a unique blend of genres, fusing Alt-Dance, Techno, and Trap elements to offer a style diverse and distinct. As he keeps making strides with new releases and exciting collaborations, Canguru is on a trajectory full of promise and potential, noteworthy in the unique place he continues to carve. 

Canguru’s musical discovery began in Ottignies, Belgium, immersed in a creative environment from a young age. His early exposure to Classical Music and Jazz, influenced by his mother, a piano and history of art teacher, laid a solid foundation for his diverse musical style: an inspiring introduction to the power of music. With his formative years seeing him take to the clarinet, later transitioning into songwriting and guitar playing during his teenage years, Canguru developed a solid understanding of musical composition, setting the stage for his subsequent explorations into Electronic Music.

His move to Manchester in the 2000s marked a significant turning point in Canguru’s career. With the vibrant nightlife and raw energy of the city’s music scene spurring him on, inspired by bands like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, Canguru delved into Electronic Music; gradually shaping his sound, Canguru took to honing his techniques and skills, leaning on his Classical Music training whilst expanding his knowledge through a Sound Engineering course at Salford University. Now, with a diverse skillset and various experiences, including playing rhythm guitar for his Metal band Cypher and working as a sound engineer in numerous theatres and concert halls, Canguru appears as a mighty force within Electronic Music, creatively driven by his passion, enthusiasm and dedication to his craft. 

The discography that Canguru has built so far during his career reflects his journey of sonic evolution. His recent releases, which include Trap singles like ‘Pick It Up’ and ‘West Goes The Sun,’ come as a credit to his ability to create unique soundscapes that resonate with a broad audience. As he incorporates his own vocal lines, constructing full-bodied arrangements of rhythmic guitar lines, dynamic beats, and captivating melodies for them to shine against, Canguru brings focus to the lyrical messages often delivered within his music. Taking creative motivation from personal struggles, Canguru presents work that is an introspective expression, aiming to motivate others facing similar challenges, emphasising themes of resilience and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams despite adversity. With such an original and compelling approach, Canguru seeks to leave an impression on his listeners and the landscape of Electronic Music, cementing himself as a distinctive voice within the genre today. 

With a rich history of Classical training and a deep connection to the Electronic Music scene, Canguru’s music offers a compelling blend of tradition and modernity. As he continues to release new music and collaborate with other Artists, Canguru seems poised to make waves across the genre, so be sure to take note and follow his journey.

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