Captivating Beats: DOTY’s Latest ‘Love’ EP Marks a Year-End Musical Triumph

Dad Of The Year - Love EP

Montreal-based musical virtuoso, Dad Of the Year, concludes the year with an enthralling masterpiece titled “Love.” This EP, unveiled on November 24th via the esteemed U.S. label, Magician On Duty, embarks on a sonic odyssey featuring an original track and remixes by Landhouse, Nährwerk, AmuAmu, Richard Elcox & Matija, along with a rendition by Joe Carl. The culmination is a release teeming with unparalleled sonic richness.

“Love” delves into the realm of low tempo, showcasing DOTY’s ability to weave sensual and refined melodies throughout the corners of his jungle abode. Wrapping up a prolific year with notable releases on EXPmental Records, Leveldva, and Random Collective, DOTY reaffirms his exceptional mastery in the art of music production with this concluding 2023 release.