Cody Chase Presents August’s Episodes of ‘The Chase’: an Unmissable Listening Adventure

As it continues to deliver high-energy and electrifying vibes, Cody Chase’s renowned radio show ‘The Chase’ is fast becoming a go-to destination for fans of Electronic Music to get their fix of adrenaline-fuelled beats and high-octane mixes. As August proved to be another smash month, Cody Chase presented several impressive episodes that saw him delving into the vibrantly colourful landscape of Electronic Music, exploring the innovative and exciting sounds of Tech House and Techno.

With a high-quality mixing style that shines through in each episode, Cody Chase consistently delivers unforgettable mixes, keeping his listeners hooked to his magnetic energy and refreshingly unique talent. As ‘The Chase’ continues to soar in popularity, now with over 75,000 listeners tuning in around the globe, Cody Chase is emerging as a leading tastemaker within the genre whose powerful and hard-hitting signature style is continuing to impress genre enthusiasts and demand attention. Showcasing the depth and breadth of the genre, Cody Chase presents his passionate and enthusiastic approach to Electronic Music, spotlighting a diverse range of talent from up-and-coming stars to established icons; August’s episodes featured the likes of Mha Iri, Maddix, Kyle Watson, TiM TASTE, and Dani Sbert, a varied and exciting line up of talent that brought an infectious energy to the airwaves that is sure to have left listeners craving more.

As he shines a light on the hottest tracks within Electronic Music, Cody Chase uses his platform to showcase his own striking releases; this month saw the inclusion of the talented Producer’s latest single, ‘Supernova’, a dynamic new track that highlights Cody Chase’s undeniable production talents through its mighty sounding soundscape and exhilarating vibes.

As he keeps emanating passionate devotion and dedication to his art, Cody Chase’s reputation as a powerful force within the genre will continue to grow as fans around the globe are enthralled by his addictive energy and charismatic persona. His radio show is no doubt a must-listen for all genre lovers; with every episode of ‘The Chase’ packing an intense punch, Cody Chase appears as an influential presence on the scene as his name continues to climb even higher on the list of innovative Producers and DJs within the genre. 

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