Dive into the Melodic World of Clan Brude with ‘No Time To Forget’

Clan Brude, the Shanghai-based music producer, introduces his latest Melodic House & Techno release ‘No Time To Forget’ through Mystery Freedom. Capturing elements from the House and Progressive House genres and blending with VST instrumentation and sampling, Clan Brude has made his mark through his impressive collection of releases this year alone. Back yet again with another dance-worthy track, the distinctive sound that is Clan Brude shines through in this unmissable song of the summer. 
Over the last year, Clan Brude has released several singles that have injected a refreshing energy into dancefloors globally; originally from the UK, Clan Brude has immersed himself within the energetic brightness brimming out of Shanghai which listeners can hear translated into his punchy, powerful tracks. This most recent release is no exception, with a heart-pumping beat and pulsating synths, ‘No Time To Forget’ is a must-listen.  

Opening with a driving kick, the track quickly bursts into energised layers of synth instrumentation; a filtered pulsating synth carries the tempo, with synth swells and vocal chops adding intricate detail. Paired with a groovy bass line, the synth pads add an ethereal quality to the heavenly blend of commanding elements. The scattered drops through the track allow listeners to catch their breath before being catapulted back into the intense groove. Closing with a drop back to a knocking beat, the energetic ambience embedded throughout the track remains until the very end. ‘No Time To Forget’ most certainly demands listener attention through its powerful sonic elements and relentless pulse.  

Clan Brude is a talent rapidly emerging into a name to listen out for, with an unmistakable characteristic sound, his music is a bold statement of his passion for Electronic Dance music and his ability to combine a range of sonic elements into intriguing listens. Clan Brude has an undeniable talent that is a valuable addition to the roster of producers within House Music and one that is set to continue to grow. Keep up to date with new releases, projects and news by following Clan Brude on social media.  

‘No Time To Forget’ is out now via Mystery Freedom, and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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