DYNOHUNTER presents “Primal Rhythm”

“Primal Rhythm” is the first release on DYNOHUNTER’s techno-focused label Channel 11 Records. The 3-track EP features DYNOHUNTER’s characteristic tribal aesthetic paired with powerful industrial drums and layered percussion grooves. Gritty arpeggiated sequences and hypnotic melodies capture the imagination.

…Immerse yourself in a time-worn tale, where reality intertwines with the mystical. Under the full moon’s silvery glow, the heart of the ancient jungle throbs to the rhythm of a primal rave. The air pulsates with untamed energy, each beat echoing secrets of a long-forgotten civilization. Amidst the vibrant dance of shadows and firelight, rise the ancient pyramids – silent witnesses to a thousand moonlit revelries. Feel the heat of the blaze, its fiery tongues whispering tales of passion and power. Hear the reverberating rhythm of the drums, their throbbing beats spelling out the poetry of the wilderness. A journey back to the roots of rhythm, an embrace of the wild and the free, the heartbeat of a global heritage…