Evolution Chamber Launches ‘Transmissions’: A VA Series Uncovering the Best in Global Drum & Bass Up-and-Comers

Evolution Chamber presents “Transmissions”. A brand-new EP series focusing the spotlight on up and coming artists. Download/stream it from 8th March here: https://lnk.to/EVOC036

In an industry often dominated by established names, Evolution Chamber takes pride in its mission to uncover and proudly showcase the next generation of musical talent. The “Transmissions” series serves as a testament to the label’s commitment to innovation and providing a platform for emerging artists to share their voice with the world.

The inaugural instalment of this series features a collective of artists from all corners of the globe, each with their own individual and unique sound. Hungarian newcomer HRSPX kicks things off with the twisted, yet melodic ‘Gynura’, while the Portuguese and British collaborative efforts of Impex & Konquest bring forth the highly sought-after vocal anthem ‘Sin Sister’. Young Serbian prodigy OMNEUM contributes the musical, glitchy, hard-hitting ‘Blade Dance’, with Russia’s own TNTKLZ hitting back with their fast-paced energetic slammer ‘Failed Mechanics’ while New Zealand’s very own Victim delivers a dark roller from down under in the shape of ‘1000 Faces’

“Transmissions” breathes new life into a fresh chapter for Evolution Chamber, a label steadfast on its journey to evolve and shape the future of Drum & Bass.