Experience the Thrilling Energy of Jacob Colon’s ‘Money Moves’

Talented DJ/Producer Jacob Colon presents his latest production titled ‘Money Moves’; the energetic yet obscure Tech House production is being released through the artist’s label Made to Move Records. Following his busy and consistent release schedule that has seen him release the tracks ‘Heat’, ‘Get Somethin’, ‘Down Wit The Beat’ and ‘Lose Myself’, so far this year, Jacob Colon is ready to display his signature style and sound once more with the release of this groovy production that is poised to continue and surpass his previous accomplishments. With a standout production skills and style, Jacob continues to build his career, aiming high and pushing his name closer to the top of the list of Producers not to miss, as every project he embarks upon, like his increasingly popular weekly radio show ‘Made To Move’, which now reaches over 40 radio stations around the world, and every release he puts out, carries the stamp of a high-quality and powerful production.  

With ‘Money Moves’, Jacob Colon presents a new, groovy yet dark listening experience that will certainly be welcomed with praise by his followers and fans of the Tech House genre. The track features a pumping House beat, mysterious vibes driven by the synths and pads keep the track going, as the thumping and groovy bassline releases the party with a refreshing drop. The main synthline delivers a signature Jacob Colon sound, while panned sonic elements and atmospheric pads keep the party going; the infectious synth melody, alongside the main vocals, guide the listening journey that explodes into an uplifting and energetic party. 

Another unmissable release by Jacob Colon whose hard-hitting catalog keeps surprising its listeners with powerful releases that highlight Jacob’s skills and style. Don’t forget to follow Jacob Colon across social media as he continuously updates his followers on his upcoming releases, projects and live shows.  

‘Money Moves’ is out now via Made To Move Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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