Exploring DEARI’s Journey and Influences in Electronic Music

DEARI is steadily carving out a place for himself within Electronic Music, garnering attention for his distinctive sound and impressive talents. Growing up in Southport, near Liverpool, DEARI immersed himself in music from a young age; as his love for music blossomed, expanding his musical horizons with his exploration of a diverse range of genres, DEARI’s discovery of Electronic Music quickly piqued his interest, laying the foundation for his future career. 

DEARI’s journey into Electronic Music began during his teenage years. Initially drawn to Rock, Punk, and Indie Rock, his musical direction shifted after attending the Leeds Festival at age sixteen; exposed to the electrifying sounds of Skrillex and the sonic potential of Electronic Music, the event was a turning point in DEARI’s musical upbringing, igniting his passion for Dance music and setting his journey into producing and DJing into motion.     

As he took to shaping his own signature sound and approach, deeply influenced by prominent artists on the scene like Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Sonny Fodera, among others, DEARI drew from his eclectic range of inspirations to ensure his sound authentically expressed his diverse tastes. With an interest in various styles, including those outside of Electronic Music, such as Pop, Rap, Indie, and Punk, DEARI continues to craft soundscapes that are dynamically bold and unique in character. Having fostered a deep appreciation for vocal-driven House, DEARI places importance on the melodic elements of his productions, aiming to create music that evokes reaction, nurturing connections between his listeners whilst invigorating dancefloors with bouncy energy, much like the tracks that continue to inspire him. 

As he puts forward a production style that emphasises melody, often starting with a bassline, vocal hook, or piano riff, DEARI ensures he delivers engaging sonic experiences with each release. Injecting vibrant details and infectious rhythms into his music, DEARI continues to guarantee that his approach reflects his skills and talents. With his production catalogue continuing to grow, the releases that DEARI has offered so far this year no doubt showcase his sustained determination and dedication when it comes to placing his sonic originality in the spotlight. Having released tracks like ‘Feelin” and ‘Be The One’, DEARI’s ability to craft emotive melodies and rhythmic grooves has led to a discography filled with energetic Dance anthems, helping to establish his presence in the House music scene. 

When he takes to the stage, DEARI brings just as much high energy to his approach as his studio productions; characterised by his lively vibes, DEARI’s DJing style cultivates engaging and immersive experiences for his audience. With his sets often blending potent melodies with deep basslines and bold beats, reflecting his unique style and musical influences, DEARI continues to work towards establishing himself as a well-known act on the DJing circuit, becoming known for performances that are skilled in curation and dynamic in sound.  

Although DEARI’s journey in Electronic Music is still in its early stages, his creative drive, unique sound, and growing body of work suggest a promising future. As he continues to develop his craft and expand his reach, DEARI is an Artist to watch in the evolving landscape of Electronic Music; showcasing a commitment to pushing the boundaries of his creativity and his willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles, DEARI certainly maintains his status as an exciting artist to follow within the genre today. 

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