Exploring Jacob Colon’s Signature Style: Latin-Inspired Rhythms and Groovy Electronic Beats

Arriving on the Electronic Music scene with determination, commitment, passion, and talent, Jacob Colon invites listeners to discover the vibrancy of his sonic world, continuing to offer captivating experiences through his music. As he keeps building a reputation, growing his release repertoire, and uncovering fresh sounds and innovative approaches that set him apart within Electronic Music, Jacob Colon’s status as a promising rising star of the genre continues to be marked out.  

Coming from a unique musical perspective, provided through his exposure to a wide range of music early on in his life, Jacob Colon brings authenticity to his work as he disregards trends, instead pushing boundaries to establish his own signature sound. With a musical history that includes playing in bands when he was just sixteen and travelling playing the music of Jazz, R&B, and Gospel, Jacob Colon’s diverse range of influences can be heard throughout his music, appearing as a distinct representation of his experiences, background, and inspirations. Now, as he strikes out to make a name for himself in Electronic Music, Jacob Colon continues to develop, curating an original sonic identity that showcases his musical individuality.  

Jacob Colon’s focus on rhythm and groove within his music comes as a signature to his style; appearing with dancefloor-ready gems that keep the energy high, his productions take listeners on vibrant sonic journeys through carefully constructed soundscapes of bold beats, infectious melodies, and grooving basslines. Yet, the Latin flavour that Jacob Colon brings to his productions appears as the true distinguishing characteristic of his sound, evident through the intricate rhythmic quality of his tracks and the percussive nature of his music. As he continues to release music via labels that include his own, Made To Move Records, Jacob Colon keeps populating his production catalogue with music that makes an impression, hitting back with releases that surely excite and energise even the most discerning of listeners. 

There is more to Jacob Colon’s creativity than his music; his radio show, ‘Made To Move,’ brings lively episodes each week, highlighting the impressive mixing abilities and tastes of the skilled Producer. As he offers a range of music to his listeners, from the work of familiar Artists to that of the next generation of creators, Jacob Colon shows a deep passion and understanding for the genre itself, celebrating the vast and dense landscape of Electronic Music. Through his radio show, listeners can expect to hear electrifying mixes of Afro House, Tech House, and Tribal House; weaving together in considered tapestries of sound and energy, the episodes of ‘Made To Move’ continue to shine a light on Jacob Colon’s talents when it comes to crafting immersive and engaging listening experiences, only cementing him further as a must-watch tastemaker within Electronic Music today.  

It is Jacob Colon’s determined desire to create refreshing music and express original creativity that sets him on an exciting path; full of potential and talent, there can be no denying that Jacob Colon is one to take note of as he continues on a trajectory that will no doubt see him take to new ground both in his reputation and artistic pursuits.  

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