Fabiano Pit drops 4 track EP ‘Change’ including a remix from Beatamines on Art Imagination!

Out now!


The fast rising Brazilian label Art Imagination welcomes Fabiano Pit for three new singles that come with a remix from the incredible German artist Beatamines. The superb and original cover art is from the artist Luiz de Souza and is a gorgeous painting in oil and acrylic on canvas.

‘Change’ opens up and is a deep house roller with an organic sound and beautiful melodies. It really sends shivers down the spine with its lush strings and then the Beatamines remix brings a more dusty and glitchy vibe with funky bass. ‘La Danza’ has some melancholic chords warped over the languid beats with more stylish and summery Latin melodies rising out of the mix to bring real joy. ‘Retreat’ closes down with more synthetic melodies that dart about the scales as the silky beats roll on.

This is a captivating new EP from this essential label.