Hard techno, Trance and anime? Ephy Pinkman presents his new ep “Golden Age”

Hard techno, Trance and anime?
Ephy Pinkman’s presents his own take on contemporary electronic music with his Golden Age EP.
t’s a thrilling ride between the fierce energy of hard techno and the mesmerizing vibes of trance, breaking all the genre barriers.

Each track showcases Ephy’s unique style, making it a versatile addition to any DJ’s playlist, whether they’re energizing a sun-drenched festival or setting the mood in a shadowy underground club.

Of course, Mr. Pinkman has a deeper message. For this EP, he picks up on his favorite anime film “Berserk” and delivers the matching reel – a fight in hell.
Once again, Ephy proves that he is a multifaceted artist and can weave audio and visual messages together