Hotboxx Unveils the Collaborative Magic Behind ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ in Exclusive Interview

Get ready to delve into the creative process behind the collaborative EP ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ as we sit down with Hotboxx. In this exclusive interview, Hotboxx takes us behind the scenes, sharing insights into the inspiration, challenges, and techniques involved in the production of this captivating release; from the origin of the collaboration to the unique elements that shaped each mix, Hotboxx reveals the creative journey that brought this EP to life. Prepare to learn more about the secrets behind this smooth, sexy, and groovy EP. 

Can you tell us about how the collaboration for ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ came about? 

This has been an ongoing collaboration, I work on a ton of music with Vampire Sex, and really enjoy working with them, this is one of many projects we have, so be on the look-out for some more future releases with them. 

What was the inspiration behind the sound and style of this EP? 

Nothing in particular, we got the keys set up and after that, we picked the sample and the track took off from there, the sample really tied it all together and ABUEKEV made an amazing version as well, so once we heard his, and the usage of the same sample, it just really made sense to release, especially since he’s one of the label heads at Original Label, and we had sent this track over to him for consideration. 

Can you walk us through the creative process behind the original mix? 

The original mix was Abuekev’s baby, he really took off with it and made an amazing mix.  This one, to me, is more of the club track that I’d play in a more ‘high-energy’ type of set. 

How did you approach creating the Sexy Sax Mix and what were the challenges you faced during the production? 

The ‘Sexy sax Edit’ is definitely the more ‘lounge sexy’ type of vibe.  We put it together pretty quickly, no real challenges.  And working with some amazing artists like Humberto Casanova, who threw down and amazing sax over the track, it really made the track flow, took it to the next level and eliminated any challenges we were dealing with. 

Can you describe your workflow and any techniques you used in the production of the track? 

The track was a back-and-forth process, we worked together initially to get it going, then I worked on it for a few hours doing a basic layout and adding a few more elements, and then Vampire Sex jumped back on it, putting their touches. Then we were basically done, it just felt like it was missing a little something, and once Humberto added the sax that took away any of that feeling to add anything else, the track was complete. 

Were there any specific instruments or plugins that played a significant role in the production of this track? 

As I mentioned, the live sax was amazing, besides that, I think we honestly used Alchemy and few other stock Logic plugins, nothing too fancy. 

How did you incorporate each artist’s signature sound and style into the track? 

We really worked on everything together it was a 50/50 effort where both our sounds and styles are on display. 

What was the most challenging aspect of the production process for this track? 

Nothing really, I guess cleaning up the bass in the mix down.  Everything else came together pretty smoothly. 

Can you discuss any interesting or unusual techniques you used in the production of the track? 

Double stacking the bass isn’t something I usually do, but I did with this track. 

Finally, what message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from this collaboration and EP? 

Just a smooth, sexy, groovy EP to play at venues all over the world and let people reminisce some on a classic track with the sample usage. 

We wrap up this conversation with Hotboxx, which highlights the collaborative process behind the EP ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya,’ from the initial inspiration to the final touches, Hotboxx, AbueKev and Vampire Sex have crafted a smooth, sexy, and groovy release that is sure to captivate listeners around the globe. With their unique mix of sounds and styles, they have created an EP that pays homage to a classic track while delivering a fresh and irresistible vibe. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and releases from Hotboxx as he continues to make waves in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

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