Inferno Gets a Space 92 Makeover on Filth On Acid

French artist Space 92 has recently unleashed his latest masterpiece on Filth On Acid, in the form of a gripping new remix of Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld & Christopher Coe’s iconic rave anthem, ‘Inferno’. This electrifying remix from the trailblazer of techno takes listeners on a cosmic journey with its throbbing bassline and otherworldly synth sounds. With unprocessed drums and jagged synths that continue to ignite, Space 92’s version of ‘Inferno’ is a hypnotic experience that transports us to the future.

Available now:

With a signature sound that mixes up the finest of trancey techno, distorted percussions, and a touch of acid, in addition to underlying sensitivity and nostalgia, Space 92 is a trailblazing producer and an electrifying act to watch.