Innēr Sense drop the first release of 2024 on EXIT Soundscapes with new single ‘Older’

Out 11th January!


EXIT Soundscape presents a new single “Older” by Innēr Sense! This single brings us a nostalgic vibe that resonates deeply with us. The combination of melancholic vocals, modern melodic techno grooves, and trance melodies creates a captivating listening experience.

From the first notes, this track sets the stage with a melodic embrace that pulls you into its world. With each instrument playing a crucial role in creating this unique emotional atmosphere, the gradual build-up gives the track a cinematic quality, making it feel like a journey through time. “Older” is a testament to their ability to push the boundaries of electronic music while staying true to the emotive core that defines their sound.

Innēr Sense is a melodic techno project by Filip Fisher and Nino Čelebić, well-known DJs and producers from Belgrade, Serbia. Sharing the same passion, they collect their ideas, knowledge, and experience under one name, with a desire to explore the vague paths of the music world and beyond.

“We need to free our minds and explore new dimensions somewhere between subconsciousness and reality. By combining music and art, we can dive deeply into ourselves, embrace the full spectrum of our feelings and pursue our goals by listening to our inner senses” is a quote that represents the guiding and creative force behind Innēr Sense.