Linus Beatskip releases new peak time techno single “Subliminal Hypnosis”

Linus Beatskip

Linus Beatskip is an up-and-coming techno artist from Sweden who is closing 2023 with a release called ‘Subliminal Hypnosis.’ Out on his own record label, Beatskip Records, the release also includes remix versions by Mac Vaughn, Paul Prior and River 44.

Subliminal Hypnosis” is the solo original track on the release, and it’s an intense techno track with industrial percussion and raw sound design, where each of the remix versions puts a different spin on it.

Mac Vaughn is an American artist known for his record label Fierce Animal Recordings, which has released much of Mac’s own music. He has an in-your-face style of techno that’s reminiscent of others such as UMEK and Joyhauser. His remix adds a pulsating bassline and powerful arpeggio melody that lifts the energy.

Paul Prior is an up-and-coming Irish artist whose remix of Subliminal Hypnosis changes the groove to a broken beat, kick drum pattern. Focusing on the original’s dystopian aspects, he creates a stripped-back version with building tension.

River 44’s version is last on the release, and it’s distinctly different from the other tracks, as he takes things down a deeper path. Adding a warped bassline and dubby pads, he creates a deep atmosphere to the heavy percussion that drives his rework.

Out now, buy the release HERE.