Mental Picks Vol. 43: The last VA on EXPmental Records

Mental Picks Vol. 43

Commence on a sonic exploration with Expmental Records’ latest compilation, “Mental Picks Vol. 43,” representing the label’s inaugural venture of the year. This diverse selection traverses global underground club soundscapes, featuring the dynamic collaboration of label head Eddy Romero and the UK’s Mica.

Spain’s emerging talent, Arval (Álvaro Muñoz), makes a striking debut, offering an evolution of his artistry rooted in the underground sound. As a fresh addition to the Expmental family, Arval promises a distinctive sonic journey.

Venturing to the sun-kissed shores of Miami, we encounter the debut track from New York’s underground aficionado, Richard Rozen. A true enthusiast of vinyl culture, Rozen’s contribution embodies the raw and authentic vibes that fuel our collective passion for pure, undiluted club music.

Bringing the auditory journey to a serene finale, Australia’s Miraj makes an indelible mark on the label with a profoundly deep track. Miraj’s addition continues the lineage of deep cuts that have come to define the distinctive sound of Expmental Records.

As “Mental Picks Vol. 43” sets the tone for the year, 2024 promises to be a dynamic chapter bursting with creative promise. Engage with us as we unveil an exciting roster of releases, and stay tuned – the best is undoubtedly yet to come.