New Open Air Beach club to launch in Thailand – MuMu Clubhouse

MuMu Clubhouse, Phuket’s newest Beach Club, is coming to the heart of Bang Tao in March 2024.

It is a sanctuary for kindred spirits, freedom seekers and wanderers – a dynamic meeting point at the edge of Phuket’s largest man-made lagoon, where paths converge through the common language of music, art and culture. MuMu is both the Yin and the Yang. The night and the day. A duality that appeals to all senses under the sun and then the stars as it seamlessly transforms and transitions from beach club to dance club and back again.

By day, MuMu Clubhouse is a sun-kissed retreat for relaxation, with soft white sand underfoot, cocktails, small-plates and Balearic beats. By night, it becomes a contemporary dance music haven and host to the world’s best-known DJs, where rhythms ebb and flow beneath the stars.

The 4000 capacity space boasts a state of the art D&B Audiotechnik sound system and will offer carefully curated weekend parties with six large-scale events already planned throughout 2024. They will showcase a diverse lineup of both world class international and local talent, including The World’s Biggest Pool Party for Songkran Water Festival 2024, which will be an unforgettable experience and iconic celebration.

The mood of the music sets the energy of the space and is matched by the subtle lighting which soothes and seduces, guiding people towards new experiences and feelings in a most blissful of settings. By day, expect laid back Balearic beats and downtempo, then as night falls it will be tasteful tech, deep house and lush progressive techno.

MuMu Clubhouse offers an elevated guest experience with exceptional service and 5 star luxury VIP packages. It aims to be a home away from home with modernist design values, a refined aesthetic and supreme comfort. A menu of innovative dishes and devious cocktails developed by one of Asia’s top mixologists will keep you topped up with treats as you enjoy late night fun.

Says Arthur Delaney, Creative Director, “When I was approached about developing a new beach club at the edge of Phuket’s largest man-made lagoon earlier this year, I knew we had the potential to create something very special and I hopped on the first plane. Since then we have all been working to build MuMu into a dynamic creative space for music, art, design & everything inbetween. We are developing the programming for a series of parties around our launch in February 2024 featuring both internationally renowned DJs and local talent. We are really excited about the announcements for MuMu we have up our sleeve. Watch this space.”

Behind this escapist paradise are Arthur Delaney – Creative Director and founding member, singer and songwriter in UK electronic band HÆLOS. He has toured the world with notable shows at Coachella, Lollapalooza and The Other Stage at Glastonbury. Zoárd Heuzé is Creative Strategist and Director of international casting agency Tide Casting as well as being a founder and DJ in London based collective, Lunedance. Daniel Zautashvili is Creative Strategist & Producer and who specialises in production, branding, and consultancy having been production coordinator at Big Smoke Corporation, Head of Production at Lunedance and with experience that spans across renowned companies like Sony Music Entertainment, Shapero Rare Books.

The Music Direction and Programming is from Rec N Cue – a Phuket-based DJ collective composed of Tissanai, Nutnai and Jah. They can be found playing at Babaloop, Café del Mar, Wonderfruit and other notable events across Thailand. In 2022, Rec N Cue hosted TAN TAB LAB, a successful 3-day music festival in Phuket.

MuMu Clubhouse Phuket opens with its first party on March 2nd 2024.