Nuta Cookier, launches his latest Techno single, “Mystic Acid”

Embark on a sonic odyssey as Sao Paulo’s visionary, Nuta Cookier, launches his latest Techno exploration, “Mystic Acid,” on Future Scope Recordings, slated for release on January 26th, 2024.

Known for pushing boundaries, Cookier invites listeners to join his space odyssey, urging them to discover new frontiers with the enigmatic EP, “Secret Cosmos.” Dedicated to the cosmic journey are three vibrant tracks: “Mystic Acid,” “The Orbit,” and “Skat Star.”

The EP unfolds a thrilling expedition through energetic sounds, twisting Acid Techno, and infectious grooves, all harmonized with captivating atmospheres and melodies. Get ready to dance as Nuta Cookier’s sonic spacecraft propels you into uncharted realms. “Mystic Acid” – a futuristic sonic escapade, out now on Future Scope Recordings.