Presenting Cesare vs Disorder’s highly anticipated debut album, Antidote, released through Serialism Records.

Presenting Cesare vs Disorder's highly anticipated debut album, Antidote, released through Serialism Records.

After more than 20 years of relentless studio efforts and shows around the world, Cesare Marchese, the Italian-Polish mastermind behind the project, finally brings a unique blend of musical influences to the dance music scene with his first-ever album.

Born with a passion for classical music and honed through years of training, Cesare’s electronic music journey began in the late 90s when he started DJing, getting exposed to various genres of music, from Hip Hop to Indie Rock, Reggae to Drum’n’Bass. However, his love for Modern Jazz, Brazilian Bossanova, Dub, and Electronica left a significant bearing on his later musical taste. And that’s exactly this rich tapestry of mixed influences that gave life to “Antidote,” which showcases Cesare’s innovative approach to club music, promising to be a musical journey where the sounds of yesterday meet the future of electronic music.

The vinyl-only version unfolds between eight tracks, featuring collaborations with Romanian maestro Cristi cons, Amsterdam’s eclectic San Proper, Rockey Washington – a legendary Los Angeles-based MC, and Serialism A&R and longtime Cesare’s friend, Weg.

The journey continues with 5 more tunes added in the digital version including featuring collaborations with visionary Boston Hip Hop Jazz guru, Mike Ladd, London-based DJ producer and captivating voice, Joe Le Groove and American vocalist Aminah Raysor with her moniker MC Dreaminah, and will be exclusively released on streaming platforms, transcending the traditional avenues of web sales channels.

Playful evolving throughout its duration, “Antidote” reflects Cesare’s diverse musical background, drawing inspiration from his early fascination with jungle and breakbeats to his deep appreciation for Trip Hop, Acid Jazz, and Eletronica. The result is a captivating blend of old-school emotions and contemporary textures that will leave listeners feeling inspired and transported to another time. With its mixture of nostalgia and modernity, “Antidote” promises to be an unforgettable musical experience.

Artwork by Fernanda Mattos
Master by RV Audio, Berlin