Rhythm Ave Takes Us Back to the ’90s with Innovative Single ‘Foot Work

Rhythm Ave - Foot Work

Mainstage techno with a ’90s touch comes alive in “Foot Work,” Rhythm Ave’s inaugural release under the Belgian label Easter Egg Plant. This single is a unique blend that fuses classic elements with a contemporary twist, promising to be a groundbreaking hit.

Rhythm Ave showcases musical prowess right from the start with this release. “Foot Work” is an auditory journey that captures the essence of ’90s Mainstage techno, injecting a fresh and modern energy. The artist’s ability to seamlessly mix these elements creates an immensely satisfying musical experience.

Easter Egg Plant made a smart move by betting on Rhythm Ave as one of their artists, as this debut release stands out as a masterpiece in the making. The track makes it clear that Rhythm Ave is ready to conquer the music world with his distinctive approach and versatility.

The title “Foot Work” suggests a connection to movement and rhythm, and the song lives up to these expectations. The mix of captivating sounds and immersive beats makes it the perfect choice for your dance floor and DJ set. Rhythm Ave has proven to be both a student and a master, creating a killer hit that promises to leave a lasting mark on the music scene.