Spektre release new peak time techno EP ‘Stop Me From Falling’


Spektre are one of the UK’s most prolific techno artists, and the duo’s latest release is a masterful two-track EP titled ‘Stop Me From Falling.’

Rich Wakley aka Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox are the individuals behind the Spektre alias, and they also head up the Respekt record label that is releasing their new two-track EP.

As a techno fan, it’s always exciting to take a first listen to a new Spektre release, as they are masters of creating thrilling tracks that can enrapture a dance floor. This EP is no exception, as it’s got bone-rattling percussion, vocal hooks and mesmerising synths wrapped in dark atmosphere.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track, as both of them would be well placed in a peak time DJ set, and we are told they are already getting support by people ranging from Alan Fitzpatrick to Space 92.

The title track “Stop Me From Falling” gets the release moving with its ominous tension and uplifting emotion. The pounding drums and heavy bassline are the foundation for throbbing acid and euphoric vocals which are complemented by sweeping pads that create tension.

“Nine Lives” is next up, and it opens with a hammering kick drum and razor-sharp hi-hats that are soon joined by the lead synth, which is a thickset powerhouse. It’s also got old-school breakdown sections where hip hop style vocals signify small drops in between the brutal energy of the drums.

Get a copy HERE.