The project music Holy Comets presents their new video, The Satellites.

The new EP, The Satellites, includes remixes by the legendary DMX Krew and the electronic project Kim & Buran, among others.

Holy Comets is the brainchild of artist and producer Vladimir Lomberg, based in Tel Aviv. It is an electronic music project that seamlessly combines the wonders of space exploration, the beauty of nature, and the modern romantic sensibility of pop.

With the ethereal vocals of Aone and incorporating live instruments into their celestial soundscapes, this interstellar journey merges the digital and the analog. Holy Comets will surely transport you to a completely new dimension of sonic delight.

Holy Comets debut mini-album, Blue EP, was released in April 2023. Each of its 4 tracks showcases a different style but remains unified by aspects such as space exploration, futuristic voyages, and the solitude of the stars.

The first single from Holy Comets, Forever Gone, was mixed by Julian Mendelsohn, an Australian record producer, audio engineer, and mixer, previously known for his work with Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney, Soft Cell, Liza Minnelli, Tasmin Archer, Level 42, and Kate Bush.

Allow The Satellites to transport you to the furthest reaches of the universe, immersing you in a tapestry of interstellar soundscapes and emotions…