The Spanish Women’s Soccer Team celebrates their victory at Amnesia

After an exciting journey back from the antipodes to celebrate their historic victory in the Women’s World Cup, the players of the Spanish Women’s Soccer Team immersed themselves in the vibrant nightlife of the island of Ibiza.

After a bus parade through the streets of downtown Ibiza to the island’s Consell insular, they were welcomed by the island’s authorities. Ibiza, which was the location for the preparatory stage of the Women’s World Cup, has become a significant place for the team, finding inspiration and luck in this paradise corner.

The players’ first night began at the iconic Amnesia nightclub. The venue, famous for its energy, history, and unique atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for the world champions to unwind and celebrate their recent success.

The team enjoyed a musical session by the renowned Argentine artist Bizarrap, who was concluding his residency at Amnesia. He dedicated a few words of recognition to them as the audience chanted “Campeonas del mundo.” Upon their arrival, they were greeted with a banner that read “Welcome Champions,” a cake with the message “Congratulations champions, it’s time to celebrate,” and were gifted with a lifetime pass to Amnesia.

The night at Amnesia marked the beginning of the team’s celebration on the island of Ibiza, where the players are gathering to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and relaxation.

Spain’s success in the Women’s World Cup culminated on Sunday, August 20th, with an exciting victory over the United Kingdom’s team in the tournament final. A one-nil goal sealed their triumph and elevated Spain to the pinnacle of the soccer world, already becoming a part of Spanish sports history.