Through The Light: Cycloid Dyaxis Captivating Album Explores Diverse Styles with Coherence

Cycloid Dyaxis - Through the Light

Through The Light, the title track and the newest album from Cycloid Dyaxis, covering a variety of styles while staying all together very coherent, from high energy to deep and moody, from strictly rhythmic to spacy and trancy. We like to point out two fantastic tracks from this sublime album; They Live, We Sleep, a hypnotic deep sounding track, perfect for any venue. ‘Arctic Phase’ is quit the opposite, a shorter heavy sounding track with a kind of aggressive taste to it, this would stand out in any contemporary Electro set! This album is perfect for a immersive drive through a journey of the finest electronic music, as usual Cycloid Dyaxis is ahead of his time, Fenixfire is always ahead!

Cover credits goes to : Karmen Vanderhallen (model) & Wil Vestjens (photographer).