Tony Kay Dropped Smash Episodes of His Radio Show ‘In The Mix’ Throughout August

Tony Kay’s ground-breaking radio show, ‘In The Mix’ has become a staple for Electronic Music fans searching for expertly curated mixes to energise and excite their airwaves. August proved to be yet another impressive month, with the show delivering a succession of powerful episodes that delved into the exciting landscape of House and Tech House, leaving listeners invigorated with groovy beats and captivating track line-ups. 

With a high-quality mixing style that shines through in each episode, Tony Kay curates a seamlessly blended mix of tracks that consistently keep his listeners craving his pulse-racing energy. Delivering his powerful and hard-hitting signature style, Tony Kay shares his unique perspective on the genre, showcasing a passion and devotion that continues to propel him to the forefront of Electronic Music. With a popularity that keeps growing, Tony Kay’s radio show is gaining a reputation as one of the most captivating listens on the scene today; now featured on over 20 international radio stations, ‘In The Mix’ has an ever-expanding reach that is only further solidifying Tony Kay’s place as a prominent tastemaker within Electronic Music.

As he presents a diverse and varied exploration into Electronic Music, Tony Kay shines a light on the fresh and compelling new sounds within the genre, showcasing the latest releases from up-and-coming artists and delving into the next hottest tracks. As he emerges as a bright beacon of support and commitment within the community, Tony Kay presents an admirable passion for the genre that sets him on a path to keep building momentum, carving his own unique way within the Electronic Music realm as he continues to push boundaries and bring innovatively fresh mixes.

Standing out as a memorable moment during the month, the talented DJ and Production duo SUNANAjumped into the mix, bringing their own unique style and vibrantly energetic vibe to an already highly dynamic show. With a line-up of tracks from a variety of artists like Neverdogs, TOBEHONEST, Eddy M, and Mr ID, to name only a few, August’s episodes delivered an addictive energy, that is sure to have left listeners hungry for more.

‘In The Mix’ packs a powerful punch that carries through in each episode: an ideal place to start discovering the dynamics and vibrancies of the genre, Tony Kay’s radio show is fast becoming the go-to destination for both genre veterans and newcomers to the scene. As he keeps delivering high-octane mixes, there is no doubt that ‘In The Mix’ will continue attracting attention from fans around the globe, establishing itself as a firm favourite within Electronic Music.

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