VKT delivers his latest single “Traffic” on Misolarec Records

VKT’s latest single “Traffic” on Misolarec Records is a Dark Progressive House creation that is sure to get your feet moving. With its deep and wild beats, this track is perfect for any dance floor. The song’s great atmospheric effect and journey will take you on a musical adventure.

The EP has been remixed by Arthur Quadros, who has done an excellent job of taking the essentiality of the song and transforming it into a Melodic-Techno masterpiece. The remix is sure to give you goosebumps and is a testament to the exceptional quality of this release.

Overall, “Traffic” is a must-listen for fans of Dark Progressive House and Melodic-Techno. VKT has created a track that is both energetic and atmospheric, and Arthur Quadros has taken it to the next level with his remix. This is a release that you won’t want to miss!