Who Killed Alice Shares Insights on the Production Process of ‘Ecstasy’

The talented duo Who Killed Alice have been demanding attention with their hard-hitting productions and infectiously energetic live performances; developing a signature sound that blends elements from the House and UK Garage genres, the duo delivers powerful and intensely groovy tracks that are poised to invigorate dancefloors across the globe. Having formed in 2022, the duo has injected their love for the sounds of the 1990/2000s London rave scene into captivating, party-starter tracks that consistently showcase their impressive talents and innate ability to curate uniquely electrifying sonic experiences.

Fresh from the release of their latest production, ‘Ecstasy’, a new powerful House banger, Who Killed Alice is here with an exclusive interview to deep dive into the creative and technical process behind the track. 

Hello, Who Killed Alice! How are you both? Are you excited that ‘Ecstasy’ is out now?

Hi, we’re really good thank you and we’re buzzing that ‘Ecstasy’ is out & receiving rave reviews.

What was your vision or goal for the overall sound of this track when you set out to produce it? How did it evolve during the production process?

The vision was to make a classic club track that people could rave to, a real hands in the air anthem. But it evolved over time really; we changed the kick pattern a few times until we settled on the one that it is now and I’m glad we did, as it now has that club sound.

How did you approach crafting the sonic elements, is there a specific order that you produce the basslines, synth elements, and other sonic components? And can you tell us about the process behind curating these?

We tend to start to with the drums, then we play about with the bassline until we’re happy that they both sit nice in the mix. Then we add the synths and layer them up until the track sounds full. Then we add the sprinkles of effects and elements as the icing on the cake.

Did you experiment with any new techniques or tools in ‘Ecstasy’ to achieve the distinctive energetic sound of the track?

We’re very much in to experimenting with sounds until something sticks or sometimes it can be just a random search though our archives of sounds – when we hear something that just puts a smile on our face, we have to add it to the mix. 

Looking back, were there any moments during the production process that made you especially excited about the direction the track was taking? 

I think we had that magical moment when we found the vocal; the vocal that says, Ecstasy. We wanted to make a club song but didn’t have the hook that could get the crowd going, until that point.

‘Ecstasy’ features an intense, driving House beat, can you tell us how you produce tracks with such powerful low ends? Is there a specific technique that you use each time?

We use a lot of slate plugins in the production. For the low end we used a vintage tape machine to give it that distortion / saturation. 

Were there any challenges that you faced during the production process or while collaborating? How did you overcome them?

This track for us was just a pure joy to make from start to finish, it felt so natural. But whenever we get stuck or find making a beat hard, we tend to overcome it by leaving the studio for a bit, going to the pub for a few hours and trying to talk it though before heading back to the studio.

Is there a sonic element that you place more focus on when producing? Do you find there is a component that takes more time to get right?

Yes, we would say the low end, if you can get the kick and bass to marry well then the rest just seems to fall in to place.

Can you share with us what’s next for you both? Do you have any upcoming projects and releases? 

We are working on our debut album called “The Algorithm” and we have a track coming out with a legend of the UK rave scene, Evenson “Ratpack” Allen and the amazing Singer/Song writer Shoina, called, ‘Take me home’ which we are super proud of.

In this interview, Who Killed Alice shared an insider’s look into the behind-the-scenes of ‘Ecstasy’, sharing an insight into their creativity and teasing us with details about their upcoming projects and collaborations. Their passion and enthusiasm for creating funky and powerful productions set them on a path to reaching new milestone successes as they continue releasing music; with the promise of a debut album soon, it won’t be long until we hear more exciting productions from this talented duo. 

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