Zakkov’s Latest Melodic Techno Anthem, “Can You Feel It”

Zakkov, a talented Lithuanian DJ and producer, has just dropped his latest melodic techno track “Can You Feel It” through the esteemed label Polarity Underground on 07.06.2024. Known for his unique blend of groovy and melodic music styles, Zakkov has garnered support from industry heavyweights such as Tom Swoon, David Vendetta, Victor Niglio, Liviu A, Outwork, Rudy Zensky, and more.

Available now for streaming and download:

With his latest release, “Can You Feel It,” Zakkov has once again proven his prowess in creating infectious and captivating tracks that resonate with listeners worldwide. The track has already made waves in the music scene, climbing to the top spot on the Lithuanian radio station Power Hit Radio as the number one song of the day. This achievement is a testament to Zakkov’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft, solidifying his position as a rising star in the electronic music industry. With his melodic techno sound and unwavering passion for music, Zakkov is sure to continue making waves in the industry and captivating audiences with his infectious beats and innovative productions.

Keep an eye out for Zakkov as he continues to push boundaries and redefine the melodic techno genre with his unique sound and unmatched creativity.

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