“Allfather Odin” is the fourth release of Viking Techno by Ullrson

After the innovative releases of Odin, Far Wanderer, Dedicated to Odin and Ragnar’s Revenge, Ullrson is back with his fourth release of Viking Techno. The track includes Runic chanting, vocals in Old Norse, lyres, fujaras, horns and atmospheric pads and bassline. Allfather Odin (Alfodr Odinn in Old Norse) is a tribute to the father of the Gods, Odin. Ullrson used the runes from the Younger Futhark to spell out Odin’s name as it would have been written in the Viking age: Uruz, Thurisaz, Isa and Naudiz, as well as the vocal in Old Norse: Alfodr Odinn. Expect a dark and driving Viking Techno anthem suitable for the legendary Techno Viking himself.
Hail Odin! Hail Ullr!

Announcing the emergence of “Viking Techno,” a ground-breaking sub-genre that harmoniously integrates the musical instruments and styles inherent to Old Norse and Viking cultures with contemporary techno music. This genre is an ideal setting for the phenomenon known as the “Techno Viking,” bridging the divide between historical and modern musical landscapes.

About Ullrson
Ullrson is the newly adopted alias of esteemed DJ, Producer, and Radio Host Nick Bowman. Drawing inspiration from Ullr, the enigmatic Norse god associated with archery, oaths, and duelling, Ullrson originates from Norwich, East Anglia—an area replete with rich pagan history and folklore. The moniker pays homage to the region’s storied past, from the Angles settling in East Anglia – a land ruled by the Wuffingas “The Kin of the Wolf” with links to the epic poem Beowulf, the “Great Heathen Army” and Danish Viking rule to the legendary Queen Boudicca’s resistance against Roman oppression.


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