Cynthia Laclé Discusses the Process Behind ‘Broken Dreams’

Following the release of her single, ‘Broken Dreams,’ Cynthia Laclé joins us to share insights into her creative process, the inspiration behind the track and her vision for her musical future​​​​. A rising talent on the Electronic Music scene, Cynthia Laclé continues to elevate her skill, talents, and creativity, building her discography with impactful music. As ‘Broken Dreams’ epitomised her signature style, offering punchy vibes with its hard-hitting soundscape, Cynthia Laclé once again demanded attention, seeking to introduce her talents and sound to listeners around the globe. 
So, join us as we gain a behind-the-scenes look into Cynthia Laclé’s ‘Broken Dreams.’ 

‘Broken Dreams’ showcases your signature driving sound and hard-hitting energy. Can you share the story or inspiration behind this track? 

Sure, but the track name already says a lot. This track is inspired by nights that are restless when you don’t get the sleep you need due to traveling, meetings, and working. 

What was the creative process for ‘Broken Dreams’ like? 

I heard an epic track and really got inspired. I used two more tracks to find the vibe I was looking for to create. I always know what kind of sounds I want to use in my mind, but I need to project it into sound. You start working and sketching, changing again and again until you find what you are looking for. Every production has its own way of becoming a track. “Broken Dreams” was actually fast developed. It was the small things that took me more time to fine-tune the track. 

The track features a punchy vocal hook and pulsating synths. How do you approach the integration of vocals and synths to ensure they complement each other? 

Well, first I put all the elements in the track. Then during that process, I look at which sound I want in which position – what will be my main sound, and which one will I put more to the front or the back. Also, working to create smaller sounds to fill up the track with atmosphere sounds. Then you start cutting off frequencies (EQ filter) and adding different rooms, compression, and effects. Later on, you need to mix all your sounds together so that all sounds get the same velocity and strength and double-check the placement again. It’s a boring process but very rewarding in the end. 

Can you describe a moment during the production of ‘Broken Dreams’ where you felt a breakthrough or a key element fell into place? 

Yes, definitely. I think I changed the kick 3-4 times. I tend to start by building a base sound and then I check if I feel something. If I don’t get excited, it’s not the right sound. But the screech sounds are definitely the sounds that made the track for me. I just love those sounds so much. When I heard that screech sound, I knew instantly that I must have that sound in this track. 

As an artist rapidly developing your discography, how do you maintain a fresh perspective and avoid creative burnout? 

Creativity is not something to maintain, it’s who you are. Every time you’re in the studio and working on a project, you start with something in your mind and in the end, you end up changing it because on different days you hear things differently. And you get new inspiration by listening to your own production. The main question is always: is this what represents me? 

The tension-building breakdown in ‘Broken Dreams’ enhances the overall energy of the track. What techniques do you use to build and release tension in your tracks? 

Several techniques: velocity differences, the placement of the sounds, different pan settings, and different plugins just to get the one sound as big as possible where you would like it. But the combination of the sounds and how everything is placed is already 60% of the tension in the track. 

How do your personal life experiences influence your music production, particularly in tracks like ‘Broken Dreams’? 

All my tracks are influenced by my personal life. It’s my way of dealing with a lot of crazy stuff that is going on in my life. Through music, I try to make a statement for myself and turn my broken dreams into something that inspires me and gives me the energy to get back up and continue my journey. It’s definitely not easy, but that’s why I am grateful to have music in my life to process all the crazy stuff that has been happening. 

How do you ensure your tracks remain engaging and dynamic throughout their duration? 

I think that is just my creativity. If I don’t feel it, then it’s just not working for me. By the end of the track, I think it should push it a bit more so that you get this mega-hyped feeling. It should blow your mind. I think a track should always be accelerating to give that hyped vibe. But that is just my vibe. 

Can you share any specific sound design techniques or tools you used to create the unique sonic textures in ‘Broken Dreams’? 

There is nothing specific or special really in my productions. I use a lot of Serum to create screech sounds and adjust the sound to make it my own. 

Looking ahead, what new sonic directions are you excited to explore in your future projects, and how do you see your sound evolving? 

I guess, just to explore more in the music industry and keep growing as an artist. I would definitely want to be an example for others to never give up, even though it’s really hard. But there is always that one person that you can rely on to pull through it all. I would definitely like to collaborate with one of my favorite artists someday. Other than that, I just want to enjoy my musical career and have fun in the studio.  

We end our interview by thanking Cynthia Laclé for her time and for sharing an insider’s look into her creative world. With a dedication towards originality, working to translate her personal experiences into compelling music, Cynthia Laclé’s approach remains an authentic extension of her creativity, continuing to motivate her to explore new sonic territories and refine her craft. So, make sure to stay tuned for her upcoming releases and projects by following Cynthia Laclé across social media, as she no doubt remains a talent not to miss. 

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