Edu Bastiaensen presents the “Acid Owl EP” on KRZM Records

Edu Bastiaensen, the talented Belgian producer, takes the electronic music scene by storm with his latest release, the “Acid Owl EP,” brought to you by KRZM Records. This two-track EP offers a journey into the heart of techno, showcasing Edu’s masterful production skills and unique sonic vision.

The EP opens with “Acid Owl,” a sonic masterpiece that’s bound to captivate listeners from the very first beat. The track features a mesmerizing arpeggiated bassline that dances gracefully alongside a powerful, kick-driven groove. It’s a hypnotic blend of old-school acid vibes and contemporary techno energy, making it a true dancefloor anthem.

Following up is “Crossover,” a slow-paced techno gem that demonstrates Edu’s versatility. With infectious percussions and deep synth basslines, this track takes the listener on a captivating sonic voyage. It’s a mesmerizing fusion of rhythm and melody, perfect for late-night sessions and early morning reverie.

Don’t miss “Acid Owl EP”, it will be out on the digital stores on November the 24th!