Diva EP: A Tribute to Nikki by Bubba Brothers

Diva EP

Mossdeb Sounds proudly presents a heartfelt EP resonating with unparalleled emotional depth and vibrant rhythms, courtesy of the talented Portuguese duo, Bubba Brothers. This project holds a special significance for the duo, particularly for Eliseu, as it serves as a touching homage to his beloved dog, Nikki, whose spirit infuses every melody and memory encapsulated within the EP.

Diva EP” transcends being just a collection of tracks; it’s an audible expression of love and remembrance dedicated to Nikki’s memory, who was not merely a companion but the soul and ‘diva’ of the household. With great affection and respect, each note and beat is crafted, echoing Eliseu’s heartfelt dedication: “This is for you, Nikki—wherever you are.”

The EP opens with “Extasia,” a track bursting with vivacity and groovy undertones, featuring Eliseu’s own vocals that add an intimate and playful touch, capturing the warmth of Latin influences for an irresistible dancefloor experience. Continuing the journey through “Diva EP,” listeners encounter “Music Is My Drug,” a track encapsulating the duo’s profound love for music in all its forms. Once again, Eliseu’s vocals elevate the piece, weaving the Bubba Brothers’ signature sound into an anthem and testament to their musical ethos.

As Mossdeb Sounds celebrates its first release of the year and Bubba Brothers commemorate a decade of musical creation, “Diva EP” serves as a beacon of celebration, creativity, and memory. With an array of special events planned for this anniversary year, this EP sets the stage for what promises to be an exceptional chapter in their collective story. Listeners and family alike are invited to embrace “Diva EP” with the same love that inspired its inception, honoring Diva’s memory together and sharing in the unifying power of music crafted by the Bubba Brothers.

With the launch of “Diva EP,” anticipation mounts for a year filled with joy, rhythm, and enduring sounds that continue to define the Mossdeb Sounds legacy. Dive into this heartfelt release and celebrate a decade of beats that not only move bodies but touch souls.

Stay tuned for more incredible music as Bubba Brothers redefine the essence of electronic soundscapes. Thank you for being a part of their musical evolution – let’s celebrate the extraordinary together!