Tony Kay Talks About His Upcoming Projects and Releases in Exclusive Interview

Tony Kay is a talented DJ/Producer who is emerging as a prominent name in the Electronic Dance music scene; constantly pushing boundaries and defying genre limitations, Tony Kay has been consistently releasing new music that displays his signature sound. With his upcoming projects promising a fusion of unconventional sounds and global influences, Tony is set to captivate audiences with his unique sonic explorations. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Tony’s upcoming projects, his inspirations, and what lies ahead for his highly anticipated releases.  

Hi Tony Kay! How are you doing? 

I’m doing good, thanks for asking. 

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? What can listeners expect from your new music? 

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on new music and arranging the release schedule for the next couple of months. Mainly experimenting with unconventional sounds, and textures, pushing the boundaries. The next releases I have integrated organic and environmental sounds to create immersive sonic experiences that will definitely stimulate a sense of connection with nature. 

How do you approach the creative process when working on new tracks? Has your approach evolved over time? 

My creative process is the same, I usually have a melody or rhythm in my head or written on my phone notes. Other times, I hear a vocal and start to get creative ideas from it. It just depends, and honestly, I try to not get too attached on the initial idea especially during the early stages, knowing that it will likely evolve and change. As a music producer I do like to listen to music from different cultural backgrounds and try to distinguish all the different instruments that are played. From drums, to strings and everything in-between, that gives me a much broader perspective to me when I’m in front of my laptop working on a new project.  

Are there any collaborations or featured artists that we can look forward to in your upcoming projects? 

No collaborations or features at the moment but maybe in the future, who knows? 

Can you share any insights into the production techniques or sound experimentation we can expect to hear in your upcoming tracks? 

In one of my upcoming releases, I have a special track for me which I used a live recorded melody played on an instrument called “guembri”. It’s a three stringed bass plucked lute played mainly in Gnawa music, which originates from Morocco, specifically the city of Essaouira. I made a Tech House song mainly inspired by that rhythm, and I absolutely love it. I tested it out several times and it gets the people going, just as I envisioned it. It’s a very unconventional sound to use in Tech House, as well as, the technique of using the raw live recording.   

What inspires you the most when creating new music? Are there any specific influences or experiences that have shaped your upcoming projects? 

When it comes to my music, I always focus on creating something new, something a bit different from the norm. My productions are influenced by my background, and experiences, and the end result is a diverse blend of rhythms and genres. There’s always that Tech House groove with other elements integrated, a clear mood that I want to convey, all well balanced that create a cohesive track. At the end of the day, I stay true to myself and my musical vision, being as authentic as I can. 

Can you tease any surprises or unique elements we can anticipate in your upcoming releases? 

I think I have already shared too much, and for now just wait for the date or dates on my upcoming release. 

As an artist, how do you strike a balance between staying true to your signature sound and exploring new sonic territories in your upcoming projects? 

My signature sound serves as the foundation for my brand identity as a music Producer. It’s my way of communicating my artistic vision, and through that, I create a deeper connection with my audience and helps stand out in the industry. I try exploring and experimenting with other sounds and give them that Tony Kay touch. It’s crucial to have a creative state of mind, to not be afraid of trying things out, not to just ride the current wave. Electronic music gives us a massive opportunity to blend and mix various musical elements from all around the world into one song, and that’s the beauty of it.  

Are there any specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve with your upcoming releases? 

Push my creative boundaries and evolve my artistic style. People now are starting to recognize my tracks and signature sound, and with my next releases no doubt that it will resonates deeply with people from all around the world. 

How do you envision your upcoming projects resonating with your audience and further establishing your musical identity? 

With my productions the way I create music using different elements from all around the world, it allows it to go global, it’s not limited to one set of boundaries that only a few people would enjoy it. Nowadays, you have the Latin Tech genre or Afro House, which is basically Dance music with elements from different parts of the world. That’s how the Dance music scene keeps growing. With Dance music, I don’t think many people realize this, but it is one of the very few remaining musical genres that are non-racial, political and most importantly non-violent. It’s music that unites us all, as one. People from around the world, with different backgrounds and beliefs, travel to festivals in different countries, just to have a good time, dancing around. And my personal favorites are the after parties that go on until the next night. The Electronic music scene is particularly unique, from its audience to the music Producers and DJs, and that’s why I enjoy making music with no set of geographical boundaries and I will continue to do so.  

We wrap up this exclusive interview with Tony Kay and thank him for his time; with upcoming projects that promise to push creative boundaries and resonate deeply with audiences worldwide, Tony Kay continues to establish his musical identity as a boundary-breaking producer. Stay tuned for his latest releases, as he takes his listeners on a captivating journey of sonic exploration that seeks to unite music lovers across the globe.  

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