Edmea Records presents ‘Back To The Old School’ by Francesco Fontanella and Gabe (IT)

Embark on a nostalgic sonic journey with Italian producers Francesco Fontanella and Gabe (IT) as they unveil ‘Back To The Old School’ on Edmea Records. This techno release features two enthralling tracks, beginning with the original mix—a masterful fusion of groovy techno intertwined with house influences and melodic vibes.

The beats transport listeners to a bygone era, paying homage to the roots of electronic music. Complementing the original, Masino steps in with a remix that elevates the energy and strips down the sound to its raw essence. The result is a dynamic interpretation that invigorates the dancefloor.

‘Back To The Old School’ is a testament to the artists’ prowess in crafting a timeless sonic experience that bridges the old and the new. Out on Edmea Records on November the 24th, don’t miss it!

Fontanella: https://instagram.com/francescofontanella
Gabe: https://instagram.com/gabrieleiovino