Leonor’s ‘Time’ EP: A Captivating Journey Through Disco, Electro, and Techno

Leonor - Time

The Melomana label celebrates its 40th release with a standout EP titled “Time” by the Mexican DJ living in France, Leonor. Having released on several labels and achieved top positions on Beatport and Juno, Leonor returns with a sonic journey that skillfully fuses elements of disco, electro, and techno.

The title track, “time,” sets the tone with its hypnotic rhythms and enveloping melodies, evoking a feeling of constant movement through time. “educate” keeps us in suspense with its energetic mix of synths and infectious rhythms, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in its atmosphere. “prince of watusi,” a collaboration with Neskeh, adds an extra layer of depth with its blend of futuristic sounds and mysterious atmospheres. The remixes of “time” and “educate” by Gameboyz and Diskontrol respectively, add a twist to the original songs, offering pyrotechnic, overwhelming, and exciting performances.

Overall, “time” is an EP that captivates with its dynamism and its ability to transport the listener to a unique and captivating sound universe, projecting a promising future for the artist in his next releases