New Album By Yulio “Symphonies from the Retrofuture”

New Album By Yulio “Symphonies from the Retrofuture”

Yulio presents his sixth studio album, representing the internal struggle of humanity between new ways of using technologies and visualizing our present and near future, inevitably leading to retrofuturism. This endless story returns to our daily lives, raising questions about whether it is an illusion or if we really need to think deeply about what will happen in this universe.


The album offers a rich, imaginative journey through various soundscapes, each track telling a part of this endless story:

  1. Symphonies from the Retrofuture
  2. Diesel 1940
  3. Cibona Tower
  4. The Iron Giant
  5. Unicorn Kid
  6. ShadowRun
  7. Reise Hotel
  8. Pulp
  9. Hacker 2030
  10. Lovecraft in Love
  11. Sarah Connor
  12. White Cruiser of the Clouds
  13. Cyborg Warning

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