Malux’s ‘Nosedive’ Signals New Run of Releases on Evolution Chamber

Malux returns to Evolution Chamber, bringing his unique blend of deep, progressive tech with a touch of the unconventional. His style features distinctive cutting drums and dynamic, morphing bass lines that culminate in the creation of ‘Nosedive.’ Download/Stream it here:

With influences from both the future and the world of Neurofunk, Malux’s sound is hard to pigeonhole. However, it’s a sound that has earned him releases on major Drum & Bass labels such as Eatbrain, Blackout, Vision & Bad Taste.

‘Nosedive’ weaves through dystopian and futuristic vibes, showcasing its impactful and funky grooves. It’s a prime example of Malux’s talent for imprinting his sonic identity, displaying a mastery of advanced sound design with a mix of high-tech and low-fi precision—a skill typically reserved for experts.

‘Nosedive’ is a perfect example of Malux continuing to defy generic formulas and rewrite the Drum & Bass’ blueprint.

Malux’s ‘Nosedive’ is available from 19th January 2024 via Evolution Chamber.