Meetch Shares a Behind The Scenes Look at his Latest Release ‘I Became A DJ’

Hello Meetch! How are you doing? 

I’m doing good! I finally finished up my music studio I built at my house. I’m very excited to have a professional area at my place where the music magic happens! 

Congratulations on the release of ‘I Became a DJ’! We want to ask, what inspired the production of this track? 

I am so excited about this track! Over the years, every single person in the world is basically a DJ. So, when I think of writing music to be different and catchy, I wanted to make an “in your face” song that says exactly that. It is a humorous song about all the jobs people could have gone with, but became DJs. It is also a slight parody of my life as well. Though I have had many jobs over the years, I’ve always came back to DJing being my most enjoyable one!  

How did the collaboration with rapper Bizzair come about? 

Bizzair was actually a live-streamer on my talent agency that I created long ago. We’ve actually known each other for almost three years now and I’ve tuned in many times to his raps while being live. They were always outrageous and funny, and for some reason, I just knew I needed him on this song. It’s the first one we’ve done together, and hopefully not the last! The song is just too catchy and the Hip Hop and House blend really works well. I hope you guys think that too! 

Can you walk us through the creative process behind the production of the song? 

Overall, I have heard songs that are similar to this style and with each one, the lyrics are never “serious”. Maybe it’s just what I’ve heard, but I knew once the song started to come about, it needed to be funny. It wasn’t until the beat was done where I sung random words in my head over and over again until I landed with something about being a DJ. The track is rather simple, but the lyrics are what ties it all together. When I was thinking about a second verse, something came to me and said it should be a phone call with my parents or something like that. So, then I really thought it would be funny to make it an actual phone call. It’s so literal and I think that makes it more enjoyable. 

How did you approach blending the energetic beat and engaging rap provided by Bizzair in the track? 

Sometimes I like to create rhymes and funny raps in my head when I’m listening to beats. So once this song was finished, my “singing” turned into more of a rap style. Then I was thinking of people that can rap and, without me paying a million dollars for a feature from Lil Dicky or someone like that, Bizzair came to mind. The more and more I imagined his voice singing the lyrics I had in my head, the more I knew I had to make the call! 

Where there any new techniques or tools that you experimented with while producing this track? 

Nothing really new I would say. I think the only new thing for me was matching Hip Hop vocals to a House beat… I haven’t made many vocal tracks in my day but after this one, I just have so many good ideas! 

What was the most challenging aspect of producing this track, and how did you overcome it? 

I think what was challenging part was actually writing the lyrics. I didn’t know what would work. But Bizzair and I sat down, listened to it over and over again and just started typing. We were just laughing constantly and once he said a line I was like, “THAT’S IT!” We did that over and over again until we had the bridge down. It was challenging but really fun and an enjoyable challenge when writing a song like this. 

How do you envision ‘I Became A DJ’ resonating with listeners and igniting dancefloors around the world? 

I think this would be a great song to remix. I would love to see people remix this song. I believe it can go so many different ways. I would also like to make a very legit music video for it too. We put out a 45 second clip of a video we made with the song and its hilarious. We only put out a clip like this imagining that if people liked it and wanted more, we would get together and finish the whole video. I would have loved to get this track signed to a label, but I do believe this is a more consumer-based track rather than based on the labels. But I do think music like this spreads faster and I have more control over the media I put out with it. 

Can you share any memorable or standout moments from the production process of this track? 

Recording our mini music video, I think was the best part. We were laughing so much and it was so hard to keep a straight face at some points. Also, when we were getting our photos done for some of the press. We had the costumes on and looking Bizzair dead in the eye without laughing in those costumes was too hard. But the video was the most fun and I actually enjoyed getting the hose sprayed in my face. We did that take like 4 times and it was like 90 degrees out so I loved it. Each part of the music video shoot was hilarious in its own way. 

Looking ahead, how does ‘I Became A DJ’ fit into your overall musical journey, and what can your fans expect from your future releases? 

I really like making music like this. I want to see how far I can get this track before releasing more like this on a constant basis. I have 2 more really good ideas for songs like this. But at the same time, I really want to have a portfolio of music in lots of different genres and types. I like lyric tracks and I love club tracks too. Some I may combine, and for some I may want to just have a festival banger ready for the bigger shows I do. As I grow as an artist, I want to show all of the capabilities I have when making music. I do hope to eventually make a Rock/Dance music cross over. Not a remix, but something better. No more hints! 

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