Mixmag, the world-renowned electronic music and club culture magazine, has recently expanded its reach into the Netherlands

Their rich history has earned them an unparalleled level of trust within the music industry, a passionate consumer following, and second-to-none artist relationships. Mixmag is truly global, with offices in the UK, USA, France, Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, Asia, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Central America, and now, the Netherlands.

The Dutch culture is deeply rooted in electronic music, making it a natural fit for Mixmag’s expansion. The Netherlands has produced countless globally renowned DJs and producers, and their music scene is rich with festivals focused on the genre, including Awakenings, Decibel, DGTK, Dekmantel, ITW, Milkshake, Shelter, and many more.

As Mixmag continues to lead the way in the electronic music industry, their expansion into the Netherlands marks an exciting new chapter for the brand and the Dutch music community.

Dutch artists have been pioneers in the scene, and the country has a strong club culture. This has created a demand for electronic music, and the Netherlands has become a major player in the global scene. Additionally, the Dutch government has been supportive of the genre, and has invested in infrastructure and events.

Now Mixmag Netherlands arrives to help shout about the vibrant scene and will do a series of Live Streams and Shows during ADE week 2023 as well as adding to Mixmag’s rich array of content provisions from Mixmag TV’s video content to a highly engaged audience of millions each month via Live streaming, documentary content and short form editorial with a combined total of 61 million views a year of 4.2B minutes of Mixmag content on YouTube.