Rodriguez Jr. Releases ‘Visions’ Featuring Liset Alea Incl. Tim Engelhardt Remix

Keeping momentum high in the run up to the release of his album, Feathers & Bones, set for release on May 26, Rodriguez Jr. unveils his next single, Visions featuring Liset Alea.  Accompanied by a masterful remix by German producer Tim EngelhardtVisions is out now on Feathers & Bones.

Exuding a profound presence, the expertly crafted cut interlaces Liset’s captivating vocals with mesmerising instrumentation. Demonstrating their undeniable chemistry once again, Visions joins their recent collaboration Amplify, which continues to work its magic in sets and playlists all around the globe.

Taking the track to a different dimension, Cologne-based artist Tim Engelhardt applies his unique touch to Visions. Orchestrating a complex arrangement before introducing Liset’s vocals, the remix explores different heights with celestial synths and driving bass.