Nanoviola & Ken Bauer Share Insights About the Production Process of ‘Concentrated’

The talented artists Nanoviola and Ken Bauer have individually been paving their way to the top of the list of innovative Producers in the Electronic Dance music realm and, with their recent collaboration ‘Concentrated’, they have proven yet again, why their names deserve attention. The pair have skilfully combined their individual signature styles to deliver an exciting, hard-hitting new Mainstage track that is sure to energise dancefloors globally; with a unique blend of Classical music and the Future Rave and Techno genres, Nanoviola’s style complements the powerful sound of Swedish Producer Ken Bauer, who mixes elements from the Melodic Techno and Progressive House genres. Now, the pair are here to share an insight into their collaboration, taking us behind the scenes of their latest release ‘Concentrated’, Nanoviola and Ken Bauer delve into their inspirations and present an exclusive sneak-peak into their creative process.

Hello Nanoviola & Ken Bauer, how are you?

Hi, we are good.

Your new production ‘Concentrated’ is out now. What was the inspiration behind the production of this track?

Nanoviola: I was experimenting with a new sound and played around with some different ideas. 

How did your collaboration come about, and how did you combine your individual styles and sounds to create a cohesive track?

Nanoviola: I sent my ideas to Ken and asked him for a collaboration. My original idea was a techno style track and Ken added on top of this his vision, with a touch of Future Rave and Trance sounds and melodies.

Were there any particular challenges you encountered during the production of ‘Concentrated’? How did you overcome them?

Ken Bauer: The real challenge was the length of the track Nanoviola sent me. The track was arranged as a Techno track and it was very long and because we wanted to release this on Future Rave Music, we needed to shorten the track and make it more commercial. I loved everything with the original track idea, so it was challenging to remove parts.

What role did each of you play in the track’s arrangement and structure?

Nanoviola: I built a complete arrangement first and showed it to Ken, then he organized it in a much more interesting way and took it to the next level.

Ken Bauer: Nanoviola is being nice, the track was awesome from the start. I mainly shortened the track and rearranged the different parts to make the flow of the track more efficient. I added a few synths, FX and melodies of my own and the result is what everyone is listening to right now.

Can you tell us about any unique or standout elements in the production of the track?

Ken Bauer: For me it is the beautiful violin break played by Nanoviola and the hypnotic background pulse pattern programmed by Nanoviola that can be heard throughout the track.

Nanoviola: I like the trance melody pattern that comes in, in the second drop. 

How did you ensure that the track captured the energy and essence of both the Future Rave and Techno genres?

Ken Bauer: Nanoviola created an awesome techno track in the first place. I changed the arrangement and brought in some Future Rave FX and synths to blend the genres.

Were there any specific techniques or tools you used to achieve the distinctive sound of ‘Concentrated’?

Nanoviola: I like to work with stutter effects in the sounds. The idea I had was to create a percussive massive sound in the drop by adding some raw elements.

Did you face any creative differences during the collaboration process? If so, how did you navigate them and find a middle ground?

Ken Bauer: No, and to be honest I was quite surprised on how similar our thoughts and decisions were. 

Nanoviola: I have to agree with Ken. He loved my original idea and I loved everything he added to the project as well so there were actually no creative differences.

Looking back at the journey of creating ‘Concentrated’, what aspect of the track are you most proud of? 
Ken Bauer: For me it is the track itself. This is the first time I have collaborated and produced a track that is more Techno oriented. I am also really proud about the response and support the track has received from heavyweight DJs.

Nanoviola: I am also very happy that the track is performing very well on Spotify.

As we wrap up this interview, we thank Nanoviola and Ken Bauer for sharing a look into the musical journey of their most recent collaboration. We look forward to seeing more from the pair as they continue to build momentum with each new release. Nanoviola and Ken Bauer are most certainly names to watch closely for fans of the Future Rave and Techno genres.

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